CB is a huge need. The 2nd most critical need for re-stocking on the club (after OT), as I see it. There are open jobs available at this position. Look at the club history over the last 5 years, and you can see that due to injury, etc, the club needs 6 reliable CB to be on the Final 53 roster over the 16-week schedule (and hopefully playoffs). And it's time to draft that talented CB early.

You can also be VERY SURE that if the Niners select a DB in Round 3 or higher, it will be a CB, and NOT a safety.

Haden or Thomas, each viewed as CB's wouldn't surprise me. Nor would a CB is Round 2 or 3.

Also want to see the club draft an OLB pass-rushing project, but probably in a later round. This guy would nee to be better than Briggs to make the Final 53 roster.