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Walter Football (McGuire) mocks us Williams AND Spiller (and Ghee in the 2nd)!

Perfect 1st round, IMHO.

Matt McGuire at Walter Football has us taking OT Williams at 13 and Spiller at 17. I don't think anybody on this board would be unhappy with that. And, Ghee in the 2nd is a total steal. The guy might be a top 15 pick in a weak year for defensive backs.

Please note that for this to happen, ALL THREE of the athletic freaks (Mays, Campbell, Pierre-Paul) need to go in the top 12.
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That would be good. Not sure if it will happen.
That would make me very happy, but you're right, it's unlikely to fall that way unless the workout warriors go early and often. We can dream, anyway. I am so ready for this draft to happen.
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