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Would you consider trading....

Buffalo gets a steal as Neither Jacksonville (Monroe, Britton), Denver (Clady) or Miami (Long) need tackles, they get Williams no matter what, but if they trade down, they also pick up a future pick. Thats why it's such a smart decision.
Sounds like you're running all those draft rooms. Good work I'm surprised with all of that work you have time to post on here. I honestly don't think Berry will be on the board at 9, but if so and it only costs us 13 and next years 3rd I wouldn't be mad. I have a feeling if he's there that long, then we won't be the only team trying to get up there to get him.

I'm not on the Spiller bandwagon either, but a great player is a great player. If he falls to us at 13 and he's the highest rated player we should take him. I think we need to address our offensive line more than safety or RB, but the BPA model seems to work so much better than drafting for a position of need, unless the BPA & your position of need are so close in rating that it makes no difference.
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I think Berry will be another Ed Reed. Question - How many Superbowls did the Ravens win with Ed Reed? As tempting as it is I wouldn't trade.

Just because they never won with him, doesn't mean its because of him. TEAMS win games not players. Oh, and if buffalo doesn't trade, they STILL take Trent Williams. That is why they make the trade.
1) Bradford
2) Suh
3) McCoy
4) Okung
5) Bulaga
6) Clausen
7) Dez
8) Campbell
9) T. Williams
10) Berry- Reggie Nelson, after an amazing year fail to register an INT in 2010. His contract is almost up so Jacksonville goes for the real deal in berry
11) D. Williams
12) JPP
13) Spiller???

I'd rather trade a future 3rd and get Berry than keep that third and get Spiller. (I'm also not at all on the spiller bandwagon).

Does Berry = Spiller + 2011 3rd?
if so its a good deal!

Buffalo gets a steal as Neither Jacksonville (Monroe, Britton), Denver (Clady) or Miami (Long) need tackles, they get Williams no matter what, but if they trade down, they also pick up a future pick. Thats why it's such a smart decision.

Buffalo is moving to a 3-4, they could reach for Dan Williams because they lack the NT and they could easily pass on Trent Williams if they view him as a RT only.

Buffalo NEEDS a OT. Their QB spent most of the time on his back last season and had NO time to throw. Here is a quote form their generla manager, Buddy Nix who recently spoke of his team's quarterbacks: "If they're good enough, they'll have a chance to be here ... It's hard to throw when you're lying on your back." This just shows that they are going to draft a OT. They were really dumb to pass on Micheal Oher last year for maybin, they won't make the same mistake twice. Oh, and I know bufflao is switching, but that is only so Maybin can play every down (otherwise he is a third down specialist, and no one spends a top 12 pick on a guy who play one every 3 defensive plays), and its a dumb decison on their part.
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Sorry to burst your bubble, but moving up to #9 from #13 will require a 2010 3rd rounder, not 2011. Its 200 points on the draft value chart to move up to 9, and our third round pick THIS year is worth about 200 points. We would have to give up at least a 2nd rounder next year to move up to 9, or our 3rd rounder this year.

And by the way, I am all for giving up a 3rd this year to move up to get Berry if he drops to 9. I would even trade our second rounder this year to move up to 7 and trade with Cleveland to get Berry if he fell that far.

But next years third will not get it done.

I explained, Buffalo will get Trent Williams wether they trade with us or not, so they trade because any picks they get are bonus, they still get the player they want and are more willing to trade with less value in return. Look at the 1999 draft, when New Orleans traded ALL its draft picks that year AND a 1st and 2nd the next year to move up from 12 to 5. Washington got WAY more vlaue then they should have. The chart is a GUIDELINE, not an exact measure and if someone values a player enough they will give more than the charts value (and vice versa). Buffalo make a smart decison and picks up future pick while still picking the same player as they would have if they picked at #9.
And if you are still not happy, add a 2012 3rd as well. I think Berry is THAT GOOD.
And cleveland NEEDS an offense. CLV at one point had their starting QB throw for less than 100 yard 4 games IN A ROW! (week 7, 8, 10, 11- 9 was bye) They need an offense and dez bryant will give that team some excitment. Plus Mangini is an idiot and will probaly trade his pick to the jets for a 4th rounder , kidding. This is all IF and only IF WSH makes the smart pick and take Okung rather than Clausen. I believe that they will, but Dan Snyder can be very unpredictable.
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