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Pre Combine Mock

This draft is loaded with impact players all of which have huge ceilings.

1a. Bryan Bulaga OT Iowa- Without question I feel he is the most talented OT in the draft. He’s great in pass pro and even better as a run blocking mauler. I love his feet. Health concerns drop him out of the top 10, but not past us. IMO he is better than Staley.

1b. Taylor Mays SS USC- Yes, I know he isn’t what you’d like to see as far as a coverage safety goes, but guess what, that’s not what he’ll play for us. He’s the heir to mike lewis. Better than great in the box. I believe his coverage skills can be fixed. At USC he was asked to play centerfielder, which doesn’t suit his strengths. On our defense he’ll be asked to support the run and cover tight ends. His 4.3 (or lower) 40 time is more than enough to cover what we ask of him. Offensive players will fear running routes anywhere near him for the simple reason of not wanting to get their block knocked off.

2. Dexter McCluster RB/KR/PR/WR Ole Miss- Idk the last time we had a game-breaker on our team. Hell, we may never have had one. The only real knock on DMC is his weight. Compares favorably to Desean Jackson. However, when I watch him, he was a player who had no issues laying the hammer on his opponents. He always goes forward on the way down. He was able to handle the punishment of the SEC, I think he can handle the boys in the WEST.

3. Ciron Black OT/OG LSU- To me, I feel Black is the 2nd best O-Lineman in the draft. I am completely clueless as to how he is rated as a 3/4th round prospect. He dominated his position in the best conference in football for 4 yrs. Idk what better credentials you need. Yes he is a tad slow, but Christ look @his size! Also, when I watch film on him I see excellent feet in pass pro. He has a very quick kick-step and holds the point of attack extremely well. He plays with fantastic leverage and has a mean streak. Worst case scenario he becomes a perennial all-pro at guard.

4. Legerret Blount RB/FB Oregon- Meet our goaline/short yardage back. 6-1 245 all muscle. Anyway you slice it that’s a big boy. He’s got shiftiness and speed to make defenders miss. I think he has better than average vision, which is the most important aspect of being a great short yardage back. His hands are adequate. I see him as being hybrid full-back.

5. Trindon Holliday RB/WR/KR/PR LSU
- I’m not satisfied having one game breaker on our team, are you? I believe sing when he says that solving our return problems is very important. Speed kills and finally for once, our team will have some.

6. O’Brien Schofield OLB Wisconsin
– Easily could have been a 2nd rounder but blowin out your knee drops ya bit. We take him late, IR/PUP him and hit the ground running in 2011. He’s got serious pass rushing skills that suit our 34D perfectly. Reminds me a lot of a smith/Haralson mix.

7. Brandon Deadrick DT Alabama-
This is a big boy who is what balmer should be. He is great at occupying blockers for willis to chomp up.
Id dig it. Most people would hate they Mays pick but for some reason I dont seem to hate him as much as others.
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Yeah, I've always liked Mays but it would be a real long shot to take him with others still on the board. I understand your thinking though. Good job.
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Not too bad BUT 3 RB's is much to much. Trindon Holliday is a speedy return specialist who I would take IF Mccluster wasn't taken in the 2nd round. They are both basically the same kind of player and I think Holliday can be drafted later on. Mays is a bit of a reach. I would trade back some spots if I planned on drafting him but I think he will be a very good strong safety in the right system.
stopped reading when i saw mays
Overall pretty good. I think we could do so much better than Mays.
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I will follow others by saying that Mays is a bad choice. There are other players available later that can do more than him. I also have a feeling that Al Davis will have his annual man-crush on him and snatch him up before we pick, which is fine.

Blount is actually the pick I like least. Many people were dissatisfied with Coffee last year, but I think he will develop well as the power back in this system. Holliday and Mcluster would be great to infuse some speed into the offense, but I would rather use that Blount pick on a CB.
Spiller in the first round and not Mays
Originally posted by MiamiNiner:
Spiller in the first round and not Mays

C.J. Spiller & J. Haden
Originally posted by MiamiNiner:
Spiller in the first round and not Mays

Then who to take in the 2nd round? Maybe Chad Jones?

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