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Is CB really a need?

Originally posted by Ninerjohn:
Not only is CB a need but it is a MAJOR need. The Niners need a passrusher and a great corner. That can elevate us to a premier defense. Joe Haden is my choice with our first pick.

same here unless Okung berry or suh is on board which i doubt haden should be our first pick and a RT should be our 2nd pick Wragge > Baas and RAchael seems to be doing pretty good
Perrish Cox


Read & React: Recognizes routes (and whether he's the primary read) by receiver's body language. Keeps his eye on swing pass in the flat in zone coverage. Reads receiver screens, avoids the block and closes to make the play near or behind the line. A step slow attacking the ball in his zone or to chase plays.

Man Coverage: Should flourish as a press cover corner at the next level. Smooth hip transition from backpedal to run down sideline. Best in press coverage, using his length and size to neutralize the receiver, but could be more consistent getting his hands on jersey at the line. Keeps contact with receiver downfield to prevent separation. Often forces quarterback to look in another direction. Will lose his balance and footing on double moves.

Zone Coverage: Smooth pedal for his height and usually stays low. Maintains cushion for a few steps. Changes direction easily with receiver. Makes contact with receiver to knock him off his route before letting him go to the safety. Keeps eyes in the backfield in zone to make play on short throws or runs.

Closing/Recovery: Good arm length to knock away passes after recovering. Must learn to read receivers' eyes and turn for the ball in man. Can accelerate to the ball when it's in front of him, but has only adequate recovery speed if beaten off the line or on double moves. Only average hands for the interception, and will drop very catchable passes.

Run Support: Willing in run support, displaying the toughness to get after a ball carrier. Maintains outside leverage to keep running backs from getting the corner. Despite his height and well-developed upper body and leg builds, does not get off downfield blocks from larger receivers very well. Uses his speed to run around blocks on receiver screens.

Tackling: Closes on receivers well when playing off, and will wrap the legs or waist to secure the tackle immediately after the catch. Has the strength to lift receivers off the ground and plant them if in position. Drops his head when tackling in the open field, however, missing if the receiver has any elusiveness.

Intangibles: No major character concerns. Starting to take on a leadership role in the secondary. Good work ethic in the weight room, although it does not always translate on the field. Has three children. Solid kick returner with NFL size and speed but must improve his vision to find open lanes. Needs work on his blocking when in tandem return formation.

NFL Comparison: Antoine Cason, San Diego

Jerome Murphy


Read & React: When playing off, he reads the play well in front of him whether a run or passing situation. If no man lines up on his side of the field in zone, he is fast enough to play the run, then get back into the third level to help out.

Man Coverage: Tall, wiry corner who can press and play off his man. Hips are a bit tight in transition, but he has the speed to turn and run with any receiver down the sideline. Inconsistent getting his hands on the receiver in press but is willing to be physical. Loses his footing when planting to drive on out-routes.

Zone Coverage: Technique needs work when playing off the line. Backpedal is high and slow. Gets too deep in his drop, allowing short throws in front of him. A step slow getting to the ball thrown in his zone. But he will lay out the receiver if the play is in front of him, making teams running zone think he can start for them.

Closing/Recovery: Very good burst to the ball when it's in the air. Closes fast and hard on the receiver, usually making a big hit and wrapping up if necessary. Usually recovers well enough to make the tackle after losing his man in zone coverage. Has the speed and length to effectively blitz off the edge.

Run Support: Extremely willing run defender on the outside. After recognizing run, he attacks his receiver, instead of running around him, and is able to get off to make a tackle. Often forces plays inside to linebackers. Always gets a piece of a back running to his side of the field.

Tackling: Physical run stopper who really likes to hit. Good focus on the ball around the line of scrimmage, and wraps up backs trying to make second efforts. Usually wraps or cuts in the open field effectively, although he will miss tackles when diving with his head down. Not strong enough to stop receivers with an arm tackle, but is quick enough to at least get into their knees to bring them down.

Intangibles: No major character issues. Team player who is willing to put in time to learn the corner position, but is also willing play some safety in 2009. Played through broken left hand in his redshirt freshman season.

NFL Comparison: Al Harris, Green Bay Packers
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