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10 man 2 QB + 6pt Pass TD League advice needed

  • alam
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Ridiculous, I know. But it's a friend's league, so I'm playing in it. I've helped my roommate in the same league before in the past so I see how QB dominated it is.

Anyway, with this odd league, do you think QB-QB in 1-2 would be viable? Seems dangerous to wait too long on QBs in this league...I feel like once one gets picked, it'll start to roll, and if I could get 2 of the top 5 I'd be set for the year.
  • crzy
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Always go QB-QB in a 2QB league.
  • TheHitman
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Originally posted by crzy:
Always go QB-QB in a 2QB league.

...especially if they give more than 1 point for 50 yards passing or 6 pts per passing TD. Two good QBs will run away from the competition.
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