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2023 Atlanta Braves

not a fan of Arcia being the everyday SS. But it won't matter much as long as Acuna and Albies stay healthy

New city connect jerseys this year

Opening day lineup

Good luck Atlanta Valrods
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Originally posted by Garce:
Good luck Atlanta Valrods

Whoa, he ain't the only one.
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I love seeing the uni's from when Hank broke the record become a staple in the rotation this year. So dope.
Bruhs. We good. It is a long season, but we are good.

Best team in baseball
Originally posted by valrod33:
Best team in baseball

No doubt! Go Braves!
Originally posted by fropwns:
Bruhs. We good. It is a long season, but we are good.

Finally got to get to a game yesterday. Took my son for his bday, and he loved it. He even got on the jumbo tron 3 times. His favorite player is Olson and he got to see him hit a HR.

There were a couple of Yankees fans sitting behind us talking about the Atlanta organization. Gotta say, it felt good to hear fans of different teams talk about how well our organization is run and just hearing em praise the Braves.
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