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Mike Shumann caught stealing jacket

Former 49er and TV anchor Mike Shumann caught stealing a jacket at a Warrior's practice.
cut his dick off
Did Larry Beil think the snag was "Shumannesque"?
Lost his job over it.
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so what? Remember that time Larry Bird stole the Mighty Wings?
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Originally posted by valrod33:
cut his dick off

Kind of petty, these guys are getting paid!

Go buy a jacket!
Old news but what a stupid way to jeopardize your career. Why would you want someone else's jacket anyway? Not even a denial or rebuttal. Had that been me, I would have grabbed the jacket so I could give it to the owner. Nope, his lack of a reply pretty much means he intended to steal it.
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This is two weeks old. Not sure it needed it's own thread now
what a weird story, over 20 years at KGO and he ends his career by stealing a jacket

makes you wonder if he has been stealing/shoplifting for most of his adult life

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