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Your favorite sports intros ever?

Originally posted by Lipstickonface:

Allow me to add a little more global spice into the mix...

(Football World Cup - France 98... LOL - THIS SONG)

(Not a huge fan of Cricket... But the Australian theme is good)

(Full Theme)

(Rugby Union World Cup - Theme)
GSP vs Matt Hughes 2. If anyone can find it, let me know. He came out to a french hip hop song Le Samourai, dope beat.
Monday Night Football had some really good intros back in the 90s

The 1992 and 1994 NFC title game intros were two of my favorites

Also, the NBA on NBC with roundhouse rock was special
Originally posted by JayB:
The best?

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lol @ Larry Brown getting scurred from the boom at the end.
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f**k the pistons and detroit (besides eminem)
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