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College Football Thread

Originally posted by SunDevilNiner79:
Originally posted by fropwns:
Or he harnesess the potential of one of the largest universities in the world. Think about it.

I don't think that's a realistic outcome at all. If anyone thinks he stays at Colorado awhile, they're fooling themselves

Dude is leaving as soon as his sons and Hunter go
Originally posted by SunDevilNiner79:
Originally posted by SunDevilNiner79:
Originally posted by SunDevilNiner79:
15-6 on year

2 Friday games:

Wisconsin -6 at Purdue - WON
Air Force at San Jose State +4.5 - LOSS

early games:
Oklahoma at Cincy +14 - DRAW
auburn +8 at Texas A&M - LOSS
Ole miss +6.5 at Alabama - LOSS
colorado +21 at Oregon - LOSS
BYU at Kansas -9.5 - WIN
texas tech at West Virginia +6 - WIN
Ohio state at Notre dame +3 - DRAW
Memphis at Mizzou -6.5 - WIN
Oregon state -3 at Wash st - LOSS
Arizona at Stanford +12.5 - WIN

edit: big underdog fan this week….12 games oh man

Not the best start …..

Not great but still a chance to salvage

Alright….meh week

overall: 20-11-2
Lol Lou Holtz is like 90 not even he knows wtf he said about OSU
Some of these coaches shouldn't be coaches. f**kin embarrassing!
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Wow these sun devils putting up a fight
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Originally posted by SoCold:
OSU should have never had their last TO or another 7 seconds. ND dumb ass s**t lol

And only 10 on field for final play.
Deion gotta be thankful for Taylor Swift and Dolphins this Monday morning.
Originally posted by ads_2006:
Deion gotta be thankful for Taylor Swift and Dolphins this Monday morning.

Lol no kidding
overall: 20-11-2

Week looks good for bets. So far (have sun belt to finish)

Louisville -4 at NC State -LOSS
Utah at Oregon state -3 - WON
cincy +2.5 at byu - LOSS

Clemson at Syracuse +7 - LOSS
texas A&M at Arkansas +6.5 -LOSS
Virginia at Boston College -3 - DRAW
mizzou -13.5 at Vanderbilt - WON
LSU at Ole miss +2.5 - WON
oregon at Stanford +27 - LOSS
Pitt -2.5 at Virginia tech - LOSS
washington at Arizona +18 - WON
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Tucker has been fired

Jerry rice son at USC is having a great year. 7 touchdowns in the first five games. Big body at 6'3 too. Might have a chance at the pros. His name is Brenden rice or something like that.
Let's go DOGS! 🐶

rough week. I don't get the ACC at all lol

georgia tech losing to bowling green?!?
Kansas St at Oklahoma State +12

Oklahoma vs Texas -6.5

LSU at Mizzou +5.5

Wash St at UCLA -3

Alabama -1.5 at Texas a&m

vanderbilt +18.5 at Florida

Texas Tech at Baylor +1

TCU at Iowa St +6

oregon st -9.5 at Cal
Wow brutal loss on Mizzou game. Garbage pick 6 at end of game….
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