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Pac-12 officials really stink

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Pac-12 head of officials investigated for targeting Arizona's Sean Miller, by Jeff Goodman

Pac-12 coordinator of basketball officials and former NBA referee Ed Rush has been investigated by the Pac-12 for comments made about Arizona coach Sean Miller in meetings that included several Pac-12 referees. Rush, according to a source within the Pac-12 officiating group, told a group of referees on the Thursday of the Pac-12 tournament in Las Vegas that he would give them $5,000 or a trip to Cancun if they either "rang him up" or "ran him," meaning hit Miller with a technical or toss him out of the game. Rush then reiterated during a Friday morning meeting, according to one referee in attendance, that officials should take similar action against Miller if he did anything on Friday in the Pac-12 semifinals against UCLA.

Pac-12 commissioner Larry Scott issued a statement to "Based on the review, we have concluded that while Rush made inappropriate comments that he now regrets during internal meetings that referenced rewards, he made the comments in jest and the officials in the room realized they were not serious offers," Scott told

Pac 12 officiating has always stunk, and now it is clear that even the officials in charge are b.s. Ed Rush needs to be fired and never again have a position of authority, officiating or otherwise. Same dude that was head NBA official during the Tim Donahy scandal so that says a lot about who does the hiring in the Pac-12.

And Larry Scott just trying to sweep this under the rug, I hope he get penalized in some fashion. Either way Ed Rush needs to be fired and the ref that issued the technical to coach Miller needs a fine and suspension. Other wise there will been even less credibility of all Pac12 officials and any close calls next season will be looked at in the context of these bogus officials.
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Cool story bro IBTM
yup, he got fired, and so should the larry scott, for trying to cover this up
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