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Europe says “No” to The Vuvuzela

During my routine, of checking this website:
From this contributor - Holy Kaw!
I came across this article with regard to the controversial Vuvuvela:
Europe says "no" to the vuvuvela

Here is an excerpt from that report:
“The magic of football consists of the two-way exchange of emotions between the pitch and the stands, where the public can transmit a full range of feelings to the players. However, UEFA is of the view that the vuvuzelas would completely change the atmosphere, drowning supporter emotions and detracting from the experience of the game."

Here's the link to the full article, as printed in Telegraph:
UEFA ban vuvuvela from Champions League...

There was much to say in respect to the Vuvuvela, during the FIFA WC in South Africa this summer.

"The plastic horns became a hallmark of the World Cup in South Africa, producing a monotonous droning sound which provided a backdrop for every match".

On a personal note, I found them annoying from a television viewers perspective. Had I been in South Africa, maybe (but I doubt it), I might have felt differently about their presence.

Just curious, from those of you who care about Football/Soccer, what are you thoughts on this ruling by UEFA. The South Africans IMO, were exhibiting a part of what is their Football culture during the matches; annoying or not, its a part of the way they celebrate.

According to UEFA, ""European football's governing body has informed its 53 member associations that it has taken the move for reasons related to Europe's football culture "...
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Sorry StOnEy, not familiar with that acronym ?

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European fans love to do chants. Nothing like hearing a bunch of drunk irishmen singing a folk song during a match
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