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2010 BCS NCG - Texas vs Alabama

the only 2 things that make me think Texas is the record Heisman winners have in bowl games and the fact that Texas barely beat Nebraska. Which MIGHT make them more focused for this game. Alabama is a better overall team and if they run the ball effectively should win by 10 points or more. But if Texas can run the ball they have a shot..they couldnt run against Nebraska.

All that said. I am taking Alabama 23-17.
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Im rooting for Bama but I think Texas wins. Their defense is underrated and Im not sold on Bama's QB.

Texas - 24

Bama - 20
Alabama 34-24
Copied from another thread:

^^ Got damn.

Anyways, I don't watch much college football but from what I've seen in the past few weeks, I feel that Alabama is the more complete team.

With that, I reckon Alabama wins. The win over Florida did it for me.

McCoy is overrated. Plus McElroy grew up a huge Texas Tech fan.
So roll tide!
Bama should dismantle Texas pretty easily. The Tide's 3-headed monster of a running game (Ingram, Richardson and Upchurch) will wear down the Texas front 7 by the 3rd quarter, and QB Greg McElroy will make just enough key throws to keep the chains moving. McCoy will throw for a lot of yards, but it will be in a losing effort.

Alabama 38
Texas 24
When i was in the Navy my friend was a huge Bama fan so i started to pay attention. Still my heart was with Boise State because i attended that school but I've always liked the Crimson Tide.

With that said, my wife is a huge Longhorns fan and I always like to see her happy. Thats one of the reasons i have to root for Favre and the Vikings(yeah i know). When her teams lose, Chaos ensues throughout the household. With that I'm probably going to root for Texas.

Hopefully Texas makes my wife happy. 27-24 Longhorns.

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Copied from another thread:

This one's real.

^ lmao
going for texas but bama pulls this one off rather easily
Alabama has spent the past month or so hearing how good they are.

Texas, after slipping by Nebraska, has spent the past month or so hearing how overrated they are and how good AL is.

I think Texas wins 31 - 28

And I hate UT...
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