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Yao Ming could miss entire 2009-10 season if not out for career.

What a shame. I really liked Yao. My girlfriend was finally getting into watching basketball these past couple of years and her favorite player just happened to be Yao Ming. She will be devistated when I tell her the news.
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Sucks for him
I didn't expect it to end so soon. I thought he would break down in 2 -3 years not so quickly.
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Will this make my Yao Ming signed basketball worth more or less?

Dammit took a couple days off and I come back to this crap...Hopefully the Rox can be better without Yao alah Dodgers w/o Manny, Pats w/o Brady or something....dam.
Originally posted by Genius1310:
One of my favorite commercials....

this one's the greatest lol

Originally posted by fortyninerglory:
"This has turned into an impossible situation for the Rockets’ capable GM. Even if Yao plays again, Morey knows it’s just a matter of time until his lower body breaks down. His feet and ankles just can’t support the mobility of his 7-foot-6 frame."

C'mon Yao, do a Ronnie Lott! Amputate those feet and ankles and have them replaced like this dude (who can run the 100 in 10.91 seconds):

its Tink Tink
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