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****2009 Los Angeles Dodgers Thread NLDS****

Torre's 2009 Dodgers starting lineup will be different, but mine would alternate left- and right-handed hitters. Either way, it's pleasing.

(S) Rafael Furcal, SS
(R) Russell Martin, C
(L) Andre Ethier, RF
(R) Manny Ramirez, LF
(L) James Loney, 1B
(R) Matt Kemp, CF
(S) Orlando Hudson, 2B
(R) Casey Blake, 3B

Gosh, that's an impressive lineup. The No. 6 hitter is going to hit 20 homers and steal 30 bases this season. The No. 7 hitter is a Gold Glove second baseman who's been a better-than-average National League hitter in each of the past three seasons. And the No. 8 hitter is a pretty solid bet for 20 home runs.

Granted, as Weisman notes, this won't be Torre's lineup, precisely. But the take-home message is that it really doesn't matter where everyone hits. All of them can hit, and you're going to score just about as many runs whether you've got Blake leading off and Furcal batting eighth as the other way around. This is the sort of lineup, with no real breaks for the enemy pitcher until the ninth spot, that most teams may only dream about.

We got Manny back and the young bats are coming alive Dodgers in 2009!!!
I will probably get blasted because this is a SF board but I don't care!!!!

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So you like the Dodgers, Rockets and 49ers? WTF?!
Originally posted by itlynstalyn:
So you like the Dodgers, Rockets and 49ers? WTF?!

Yeah LA49ers likes the Yankees, Lakers & 49ers...FTW!!
Go Dodgers!

I am kinda sick of hearing about Manny though. But we sure did need him.

Also, Alyssa Milano is a huge Dodgers fan and season ticket holder.

^^^ Looks like a Halloween picture.

Timmy will blow that lineup away!!!!!!!!!!!

Orlando Hudson?
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The worst thing that could have ever happen to San Francisco is the Giants!
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Dodger Curious About Pedro

Screw it, bring him to mentor the new guys
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