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Read & Acknowledged; 09DEC11!
Got it Lima Charlie (aka loud and clear) ; Over and OUT! Wish I would have read that just a little sooner . DOLT!
How do I thank them for doing all they could, I just want to let them know even in N.y.c they are loved. Please smmeone respond so I dont have to wait 7 days to post someting. It sucks being the only niners fan I know.
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no need to be lame its all about takn football
how are waring levels increased??? percentage wise?

by 5%s or is it just 25% or just however much a moderator sees fit.
since that recent "read this thread" can't be posted in....I'll copy and paste here.

I think if some of the mods refrained from using words like "Alex haters"...I think some of the other posters wouldn't feel comfortable bashing other posters in various ways....then you have other posters, like myself, respond by using their own words against them....then all hell breaks loose.

so although everyone is still responsible for their own actions when they hit the "post" button (like myself)...I think it should also start at the top.

consistent moderation, that shows no bias, should be taken more serious. I think that would help with threads.

now, again, sure a poster can just hit the report button when he comes across a personal attack.....and if he doesn't and responds to a personal attack, with a response that can also seem like a personal attack...then its understandable for him to get a warning increase. But when a mod increases a warning for a post, I would think that mod would also see the post that might've "incited" the response...and would also give the other poster an increase for "inciting". But when this isn't the case....I think certain posters will continue to run free and bash away. I've come across a couple of known posters who personally attack posters in threads, in which mods also post...but when I check their profile, I see no warnings levels.

anyway, although my profile says I joined back in 2005, (mainly because the forum crashed and had to start over) I've been here since 99-00 season. Its never been as crazy as it has been lately.
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Congrats on your 100,000,000 visitor!

I just hope I'm treated fairly UNLIKE I was in the other 49ers forum on the official 49ers website.

It appears the mods over here are better, more reasonable, and LESS BIAS. Thats a great thing. :)
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Lifetime diehard niner fan here. Been coming to this sight and strictly reading posts for a long time. Never made an account because i didn't want to be on this site 24/7...

Decided to make an account since i spend all day on here reading anyway lol... Love the site because i am a NFL fan and niner fan 365 days not just during football season and also like reading from other very knowledgable fans being one my self...

Anyways lets get that 6th Lombardi !!!!! "Can't wait"
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Long time Niner fan in Tennessee Titans country where virtually all my favorite all-time players are Niners, highlighted by the great Joe Montana. Been looking for a spot to chat with other Niner fans.

Despite the mistakes and inexperience, I believe the refs cost us the Super Bowl.
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49er fan since 7 when they beat Miami in the SB. My first memory of watching Pops yelling and hollering watching football. Before finding this place a few months ago, I just discussed football with buddies. This board has so many different takes and is cool.

Read and acknowledged.
Started to read then saw something shiny.
Going through a sweaty, convulsing football withdrawl right now.
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