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1992 Joe Montana's Last Game

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Originally posted by boast:

That's the one I found as well. The only downside is that the audio desyncs in the second half 😔.

I wonder if it would be possible to download the video and adjust the timing to resync everything back up (I don't know anything about video editing).

I've been searching for this game for years, and this was the only copy I could find.
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Thanks I've found that as well.
I do search a version or a private recording that starts with the national anthem sung by Eric Martin that evening.
Maybe somebody could help me.... or remember that
Originally posted by boast:

Well, guess I know what I'm watching tonight.
Originally posted by SLCNiner:
Well, guess I know what I'm watching tonight.

How's this for a kick in the nuts. I was 12 when this game was played, and my dad's uncle had season tickets and got my dad, brother and I tickets to this game (this game was the week prior):

49ers vs Buccaneers, Dec 19th, 1992

We clinched the West that game with a win, and Montana would have played if it was a blowout. We won 21-14 and I missed the one chance I would have gotten to see Montana play live.
I'm late to this thread, but here's a crazy fact:

Jason Hanson was a rookie kicker in this game, and later would play his last game against the Niners in 2012 versus Harbaugh where Stafford and co made it a nail biter at the end going down to an onside kick.

Pretty wild Hanson's career had him play at Candlestick Park for the Lions in his first and last NFL season.
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