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Adding another #1 TE??

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Rumor has it that we are interested in trading for Evan engram of the giants.. it was also reported we tried to sign Austin hooper.. those TE's are clear #1s and will demand #1 TE money.. so my question is why are we in the market for a #1 TE when we have the best TE in the game.. the only thing I can think of is that it is kittles contract year..could we be looking for his replacement a year early and plan on not resigning him?? Or do we plan paying 2 TEs #1 TE money and keeping both guys for the long haul?? I find it hard to believe that we would either trade/not resign kittle but crazier things have happened.. What do you guys think?? Why are we looking for another #1 TE?? And if we do get engram does that mean kittle is gone or do we keep him and have 2 great TEs?? If so do we have the money to invest that much money in one position??
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Our quest for 6 is as close as possible, trading for Engram gives them 2 more years of him after picking up his 5th yr option, he's a mismatch and good player when healthy, maybe he resigns or signs for big money somewhere else if he performs, we get a compensatory pick then and there is no doubt Kittle is extended so it's not even a thought of him leaving, Shanahan is trying to create mismatches all over the field in every snap, add Engram to Kittle, Deebo, 1 of the top 3 rooks, and Mostert, WOW ! So many diff formations and problems caused
I'm in.
Originally posted by ForeverYoung8:
I'm in.

Wonder what his cost would be? Im guessing a third or fourth round pick. Maybe we trade a 2021 pick.
Harbaugh killed it in the 2 TE sets with V.D & Delanie Walker!
Wonder if we could offer something like Goodwin+ 2020 5th round pick? Giants could use Goodwin, and the 5th we got from Denver isn't a bad pick.
Originally posted by Bobdawg78:
Wonder if we could offer something like Goodwin+ 2020 5th round pick? Giants could use Goodwin, and the 5th we got from Denver isn't a bad pick.

I was thinking Breida or Pettis and a 5th, Breida would be a nice back up to Barkley, think he's better then Gallman.
I just saw that Engram has been injury prone the last two seasons. He played in only 8 games in 2019 and 11 games in 2018. He still had 44 receptions in 2019. Hes a weapon, when healthy.
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Adding someone like Engram also would minimize our need for a WR at 13. I really like Pittman JR, but he should be drafted mid to late 2nd, so we'd need to trade down quite a ways from 31 before drafting him. Pittman is a big WR with good speed, good catch radius, good route running, and a really good blocker, basically everything we need at WR.

We should trade them back Weston Richburg for Evan Engram, both injury prone guys. Add Breida to the deal. Then draft Cesar Ruiz to replace Richburg.
How about trading the 31st for Engram and their second?
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I don't mind finding another TE maybe late in the draft, but to trade another 2nd rounder for Engram?? for what??
You guys thinking the giants will trade one of the best young TEs in the league and get rid of there best weapon for there young franchise qb for a 3rd and 5th rounder are crazy.. he was a first round pick.. he's young and has put up great #s.. the giants would want a 2nd rounder at the very very least.. this is what im thinking.. if we traded for him TEs are alot cheaper than WRs.. so maybe we can extend both kittle and Evans and instead of spending the money on WRs we keep players like Bourne and debo.. in other words we invest heavily on the TEs and recycle wrs if they want a big contract or keep wrs on rookie deals.. engram is basically a wr as anyways.. we would be getting a wr but paying him TE $$.. does anyone know how much the top TE gets a year?? If it's close or the same to a #2 or #3 wr I see what shanahan is doing
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Gettleman gives us s**tty ass trade deals. I doubt this will happen. Unless the Niners pony up and give him the farm
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