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Who gets traded/cut before guarantees kick in?

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There are a bunch of guys with money guaranteeing soon in their deals, 2 that stand out, is Nzeocha+Coleman. 900K of Nzeochas deal guarantees in early April, while 2 million of Colemans 4.86 million guarantees as well. Nzeocha has a 1.5 million dollar contract, to me that is cheap, but he is easily replace able either in FA, or the draft. I would just cut him right now, and save that money, worse case we could bring him back later at a cheaper price if needed. Coleman is still good, but we might be too deep at the RB position right now, and I would rather roll with a RB combo of Mostert-Breida-Wilson-McKinnon, and save 4.86 million to use else where.
Nah. Give coleman 2m. He can be cut later if mck is for real. Which he likely isn't. All pr training videos aside
You can't cut Coleman until you know what you will get from MacKinnon. If Mackinnon shows he is healthy, then maybe the Niners can trade Coleman midway through the season for a draft pick.
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