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Which current player jersey would you get?

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Which current player jersey would you get?

Been awhile due for a jersey - hopefully one that's good for 5+ years. Left out Staley since he's a old vet and likely has 1-2 years left.

Only a few years ago there was no worthy player except for Carlos Hyde (which is still sad in itself) but now it looks promising.
I voted for Buckner. Hes been our anchor of the team and consistent. Jimmy maybe good/flashy, but at the moment hes another injury from being the next Jimmy ward.
Buckner or Kittle.
Bosa - it will be a classic as he becomes one of the premiere ER in the NFL for many years
actually recently bought a Kittle and Pettis. Buckner game jerseys were sold out.
I would definitely get a Staley. I have to wait to see Deebo play before I get that one.
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