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Jalen Hurd-WR-Baylor is a 49ER

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Originally posted by Jiks:
Never Hurd of him.

Originally posted by tatayoyo:
I run 4,63 at his pro day which is ok.
He should stay a day 3 pick and could still be there for your fist 6th rd pick.

Why did you run at his pro day? Were you his substitute runner?
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Well...he's tall.
Originally posted by jersey49er:
Wow, surprising pick..

Shannahan and Lynch aren't ones to follow the Hurd
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Started at rb over kamara
The BIG wr folks been crying for... Lol. This draft is going pretty damn good in my opinion.
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Originally posted by NTeply49:
FFS in the 3d?! I dont see anything to justify This

I don't get why we'd pick him over Hakeem Butler who is less of an injury risk with better physical tools. Hurd is 6'5 with very short arms (32") for his size. Butler has similar measurables to Mike Evans.
I like that he is big.

But..... He is slow. He started playing a different position. Then transferred. He is barely familiar with WR.

There were better players on the board by far. Even better WR's were available.

I think the idea is he can do anything and help Kittle. He is basically a TE with massive agility. I think they'll do crazy s**t with him and I can see him being a cover nightmare over the middle.

I'm wondering if they plan to play him at FB or TE.
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Stepped outside. Awesome. Got some size. Now secondary. And ol
I thought he got picked earlier?


Watch this kid ball the [email protected]#! OUT!!!!!!

He is a beast of an athlete!
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Originally posted by NTeply49:
Moves like this make me want to pull a tyreke hill

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When describing him, ESPN used the term "offensive weapon" again

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