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Where to watch NFL games on 49ers game days

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Feel free to move this if there is already a thread for this kind of stuff!

I'm a big patriots and 49ers fan, from Massachusetts. Me and a buddy are going to the Bay Area in December for the first time in our lives, and we are going to a 49ers game while we're out there. Bought he tix in August with the thought process of wanting to see Jimmy G . So much for that

We will be in the Bay Area for the 49ers game on December 9 vs Denver. Kickoff is 4:05 pm ET/1:05 pm local time

The patriots are also playing that day at 1:00 pm ET/10:00 am local time, vs the dolphins.

Thus, me and my buddy are trying to find a place in close proximity to the stadium where we can catch most of the patriots game at 10:00 AM. Whether it's a sports bar (don't know if any are even open that early) or a brunch place that would be showing the game?

The closest thing we found is a Buffalo Wild Wings in San Jose that open at 11:00 AM, but it's about 30 minutes plus traffic from Levi's. We were hoping there's a closer option that opens at 10!

Also checked out the bourbon steak and pub place on the Levi's stadium website, but it says that they are members only and that they are closed on Sunday's!? I was thinking to myself that's dumb, if true.

Thanks in advance guys and feel free to move if already a thread on this kind of stuff
A tv works pretty good. Sometimes I use a monitor.
Red Zone Rally. All you can eat and drink and they have all the morning games on
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