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First time GM, HC, DC, STC. What do u expect?

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Not sure why everyone's so surprised at the state of the team. Sloppy, undisciplined, lack of talent. I get that Lynch and Shanny came to a team with issues, but I think a bigger issue is the lack of experience team wide. People learning on the job. I think this team was built around Kyle, and he brought in those that he liked from previous jobs (Texans/Redskins) rather than experienced coaches/executives that he needed to fill the experience vacuum. Its like being a first time manager and only hiring your inexperienced buddies (Lynch, Saleh, HIghtower, etc). That's the major difference between McVay and Kyle. McVay has established veteran NFL coaches/ executives around him. Snead's, Wade Phillips', etc experience is a tremendous asset to McVay as a first time coach. (I'm not discounting the talent the Rams had.)
Lynch has no business being a GM in the NFL given his background. He's never held a front office or a coaching position in either the NFL or college. He's learning as he goes. That's a big reason why there's been no progress on the talent front, aside from Jimmy G falling into his lap. Not sure how you slide right into such a sophisticated position with zero relevant experience.
Don't expect the sloppiness of team play/talent to change anytime soon, until we get some veterans on staff or many years of experience under the belt.

Also, Jed's still relatively a youngin' compared to his counter parts in the NFL.
It does not surprise me at all that the 49ers fail and continue to fail. They are real capable of doing for years more to come also. This organization has some very serious problems. All you can hope for is they someday get a structure in place to finally begin to fix this by blind luck at least if nothing else. Or that the team gets sold which is a big long shot. But one can always dream right. It's the same reason people play Mega Millions. They just have a big dream but mostly you don't win.
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We do not need another "what is wrong" thread. There are plenty of specific places to discuss that with yet another thread.
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