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"The Snatch"

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Lets give it a name if we win the Superbowl this year. Ok thanks
Originally posted by MarkD:
Lets give it a name if we win the Superbowl this year. Ok thanks

Guessing Garrison Hearst's 96 yard run was a meaningless play to you too huh?
"Snatch it back, and hold it" dam good blues tune...Screw the Falcoons and next up Tards, better for us, we play better away... you doomed suka..! NINERS
The Candle Pick 6
The Final Pick at the Stick (name says everything).

Barring any kind of miracle(s) from the Rams/Falcons, of course...
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imagine that play closing out a super bowl.
its looking like Niners media staff are coining it #ThePickAtTheStick

"Pick-6 at The Stick"
The Snatch term was used on TV by highly paid professionals. It shall ever remain The Snatch. Too late to change, fun to say.
The pick to close the stick

Harbaugh called it "the return" I like it
Originally posted by Dr_Bill_Walsh:
connotations ftw


I thought this was a NSFW post
Hahaha, the snatch??
"The Immaculate Redemption" (I stole that from Bill Williamson). "The Immaculate Interception" works too. How about "The pick that closed the Stick". Whatever it's dubbed will surely be a hell of a lot better than the f**king "Fail Mary" up in Seattle last year.
Opened this thread thinking it was gonna be a bragging thread about what fans were able to snatch from the stick after the game lol
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