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Will Kaepernick now be easier to resign?

The brighter side of mediocrity: His price just dropped folks
Kaep and Aldon
Originally posted by 49ERFANb4Uwas:
The brighter side of mediocrity: His price just dropped folks

um no

he is going to want top dollars to invest in his shoe and headphone collections
does the thought of signing a qb to a long term contract who's mediocre play is dropping his price really a bright side?
Matt Flynn 2.0 lol
trade him now
Who says we want to resign him
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Yes, this is the bright side. If we don't go to the Super Bowl this year, then Kap having a mediocre year could result in a much smaller salary - more like 8 million year which won't break up the team. Then we can hope that something clicks for him, and he starts passing for 400 yards a game, but still have to play for 8 million.

I doubt Kap wants to quit
Originally posted by 951NINER:
Who says we want to resign him

If he was Mediocre today we would have won, we should use this game against him when they start talking to him about an jk
Is it to late to tank for Mariota???
LOL - We'll let him go and some other team will say ...

"HAHAHAAHA - yeah, son, we run a professional offense here. None of that college stuff where you not allowed to throw slants. We believe in the whole set of passing routes in this offense, not just decoys. We would love to see what you can do in a real offense."
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