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Harbaugh and Co.

I say b******t to Harbaugh, Roman and Kapernick. I'm tired of hearing how this team needs a deep threat. b******t, just get the job done. The play calling is HORRIBLE. Kapernick is not the answer to this team. It is glaringly obvious that he doesn't under stand the concept of DON'T TAKE A f**kING SACK. Anyone dreaming of a Superbowl just watched it blow up in SMOKE. The team is just smoke and mirrors. It claims to be a physical team to only get their asses kicked each day!!! PUSSIES!!! Seattle is going to crush us. I just hope that Greg Roman exits stage left after this year and we can get a real offensive coordinator rather than his fat ass!! GAME MANAGER!!! Yeap that is us.....
I agree
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