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So, is this how teams are going to play the 49ers?

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Let us not forget that Clay Matthews himself is a product of Pete The Cheat. He played for him at USC.

That reminds me,

we have to deal with Brian Cushing from the Texans later in the season.
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becauase we're the 49ers. and we can do whatever we want.

if by play the niners you mean show up and lose, then yes, thats how theyre going to play us
Personally I like Harbaugh's brash style. He is a winner and has a winning attitude. He knows how to coach players and he knows how to talk to players. He also knows how to handle the media as in he gives them nothing while saying something. I know that many other fans from around the league don't like him but I don't care if they dont like him and neither does he. He calls it like he sees it. Its like the old school wrestling where Harbs is like the old Ric Flair. Flair used to say "In order to be the man you have to beat man." Flair was cocky, arrogant, but he knew how to do his job in and out of the ring. That my friends is Coach Harbaugh. If you want to beat him you better work harder than he does. He expects the same of his players and I think many of them play with his attitude. I immediately felt that Staley and the rest of the team did what I would want my players to do on Sunday and I would take the penalty just to make my point. That's what they did and Staley did exactly what he was supposed to do and how he was supposed to. Matthews, oh he of the fathead room, called out Kaep, he tried to mess with him and like Flair's Horsemen, his boys came to his defense. So, if Pack, the Seahacks or anyone else wants a shot at the champs strap, they better pack a lunch, grab a hard hat, and put on their big boy pants because its gonna be a long hard day at work.

I didn't Roll with Nolan, and I want down with Sing, but this Harbaugh fella. I can jive with that turkey...gobble gobble.
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