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Who finishes the regular season with more yards?

Who finishes the regular season with more yards?

Who will finish the regular season with the most yards? This question has probably been asked before and will likely annoy some people but I want one of them for my fantasy . Someone has to pick uo Crabs receptions and once Kaep gets comfortable with a receiver he drives them till the wheels come off. All training reports point to VD. If he's feeding Davis like he did Kaep then he's going to be the leagues top TE. What do you think?
we run the ball too much for VD to lead te's in catches and yards. he could do it in td's though. teams like dallas and new orleans who constantly throw it will have better stats from their star te's
Vernon breaks 1000 this year.
Originally posted by cwilson830:

I hope it's Boldin, because I think Davis is going to get near 1000 this year so that would be over a couple thousand between them.
I think Boldin, because he is going to be our "move the chains" guy. He will have more receptions and yards. Vernon will have way more big plays and probably more TD's but I don't think he takes the role of chain mover....mor like game changer.
Can you add an option for marlon moore?
VD. Him and Kaepernick will get the downfield connection going, I expect him to have at least 1100 yards receiving.
VD. I'm buying the pre-season hype. Him and Kap really got it going late last year. VD has his first 1,000 yard season.
Quinton Patton

I wasn't curious as to who on the entire team would finish with the most yards. Marlon Moore and Quinton Patton are going to be FA in most leagues unless your a niners fan. I was trying to see who would give me the most value out of Boldin and Davis. Both of them have the potential to put up big seasons but one takes away from the other(which isn't entirely true) so I'm trying to see who will be Kaep main target. Ultimately a person in my league valued Davis alot higher than I thought anyone would so I really didn't have choice between the two.
I don't know about total yards but he's a good bet for yards per reception.
vd always disappears for a few games
Easily Davis even though there may be some games where he doesn't do a whole much. But he will make up for it by exploding for over 115+ yards in a few games this season.

Boldin may be more consistent every game, but he won't ever explode.
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