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May be the deepest 49er defense since 1990

What makes this years defense even more impressive is the salary cap restrictions today vs no salary cap in 1990. For instance, in 1990, the Niners had an all pro NT in Jim Burt backing up our own All Pro NT, Michael Carter.
The defense might go down as the greatest of all time. If cully and ian were playing our defensive roster would look ridiculous if you don't think it does already.

NT Williams Dorsey Dial
DE Smith McDonald TJE Dobbs Carradine
ILB Bowman Willis Moody
OLB Smith Brooks Lemo Skuta
CB Cully Rogers Brown Wright Brock
Safety Whitner Reid Spillman Dhal

We don't have the best depth at safety but besides that what's not to like? We have been doing a number on the best qb's in the league and we're in an offensive driven league in today's nfl. We have also dealt with our share of injuries and absences too and found a way to make it work(Reid, Ray Mac, Dorsey/Williams, Willis, Aldon and Brown/Cully). Those are some key contributors and I've always felt that culliver was our most gifted corner.

Going forward we might lose a couple good players, maybe whitner, rogers or brown and one great player in Justin smith, but we have talented guys waiting to get their opportunities and 13 draft picks. If we draft a true shut down corner going forward I truly believe we will have the best defensive dynasty of all time. I would like to have haha clinton-dix as well if whitner isn't retained.
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Originally posted by OldJoe:
Defense cost us the last SB. 28 points in nearly a half. 35 (a record) points against us(No other SB defense of ours gave up more than 26 for entire game)?
Everytime I watch ESPN/NFLN, every other NFL team uses our defense as their highlight reel, since they all got great footage of torching our secondary.

And we say "shouldn't be much drop off" on the defense?? If that is the case, kiss off the SB. Also, if our defense fails again, can we not go out justifying it by pointing out a player of our got hurt. We should never be one player away from being mediocrity.

I see our D much weaker than our Offense, despite who starts at WR.

And four months later his feelings are a total turnaround.

This year the O will keep us from getting to the SB. We are 10-4 almost entirely because our D has been so outstanding.
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The worst tank job in Niner history was 1987. League's number one offense and defense. Ended the season with three absolute blowouts and a combined score of 124-7 (yes, that's right, 124-7 against the Bears, Falcons and Rams in that order). And, then they had a bad day against the Vikings and the Vikings played out of their minds and won at the Stick in the first round. Debartolo threw a tantrum, knocked over the coke machine and ended up demoting Walsh. Walsh thought about just quitting. Now, that was a shocker.

I still have nightmares and see Anthony Carter making acrobatic juggling receptions on the way to a 10 catch 227 yard game.

Never before and never after did Anthony Carter have any game even close to that. And, let's not forget that Joe Montana did not have a good game after three or four games of just tearing things up. It was a very strange game.

Strange year. Everything was lined up for us to repeat. But, so many incredible things seemed to not work our way.

This was where I started my simplistic theor on the "Ball bounces your way sometimes and sometimes not". That year so many things that could have gone wrong did. This year has some of that bad juju. Things have been totally breaking for Seattle and we aren't doing very well in the "lucky" arena.
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Originally posted by JTsBiggestFan:
I agree but '90 is the last year of those glory year teams where the D was better than the O.

Which describes the situation here to a tee.

I agree, if not for a Superbowl win, most 49er fans would otherwise forget the 1988 season even happened.
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