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If you are a DC, who are you gameplanning to stop when you face the Niners?

Originally posted by StOnEy333:
Used to be Frank. Now it's Kap.
cc, you are a riot. Got a good laugh out of it, tho.
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Originally posted by pasodoc9er:
cc, you are a riot. Got a good laugh out of it, tho.
the sad thing,, it is true alot of times no that does not mean i want jimmy ray back,,, but then he would have least known when you have second and goal from the five yard line in the super bowl with those running backs, that qb and that offensive line, you run it
Well, cc, JH and roman got 2 yrs of NFL under their belts as the #1 guys. Let's just hope the brain fades that roman seems to get every 3rd week and for last series of SB is gone and done. Lord , I hope so.

1st yr after having never broken .500 for 10 yrs, it was a little bit too much to truly hope for the SB. And then KW had the rookie mental breakdown...TWICE ...with those frigging the wet, in the wind, in the slop. If JH had just taken a moment to look across the field at what coughlin had his PRs doing....getting the hell away from the ball...or making fair catches...hey, we win that game. So altho I was heartsick, it was just too much to ask for a rook coach, rook OC, to come up big. Even at that, we had 'em until those two punt "touches"/fumbles.

2nd yr, loaded for bear, alex goes down for a week, and bingo, we got us a new #1 QB, 9 games into the season. Ouch. Altho we played great (sporadically), the coaching was abysmal on O every 3rd week.(is that weird or what?). So with a major shift 2/3 way thru season and a new QB, how realistic was it that we would win the SB with Kap? Not really, but as it turned out, jacoby and anquan killed us with those dam 3rd down jumpball catches, converting them all. Still we had them on the ropes on the 9 yd line, only to have roman drop his own sword and cut off his own nutz the final 3 plays of the SB. We literally had them ...until that.

Yeah, cc, it makes me as well as everyone else sick just thinking about it. Still a sub .500 team doing that well twice in 2 yrs with a brand spanking new HC, was nothing short of miraculous. The fact we came so close made it hurt worse, but still it was an outstanding effort by our guys. Maybe a D coordinator, mangini, can help roman over the stretches where he didn't have a clue, and more importantly, help w/ the O game plan. Also, for my money, let roman run the O during the week and have Coach H make the O playcalls on game day. Once roman moves on, after this season as a HC elsewhere, we are gonna want JH playcalling anyway. That is why your HC HAS TO BE AN OC also. Nonetheless, I will be amazed if we don't win it all this yr. The stars are aligned...and so are players and the HC.
VD, the run game (Gore, Hunter, LMJ, soon to be Lattimore ), pressure and contain Kaep (a few short runs will not hurt as much as big play runs like in the Packers game), Boldin underneath.

The rest of the other guys on offense don't scare me cause they haven't done jack s**t. If I can stop the run game and double VD, I'm half way home. Give the Niners mostly the dink and dunk, but make the sure tackle to limit any RAC for more yards, to try young Kaep's patience as he scan on his drop back. He starts scrambling out of the pocket to make something happen, have guys put a lick on him. Kaep and the offense trying to do a little more may make mistakes.

The point is, those WR need to step the f*ck up now that we don't have Crabtree. Or it will be a long season for Kaep and the offense.
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If you a DC you want to focus on stopping the run game. So I guess that means you setup to stop Gore like they always do. You make Kap throw the ball and hope he can't catch a rhythm. Or if your the Rams, be good at predicting if its a run or pass. Lol
Load up at the line and a lot of blitzes may be the only way
Originally posted by BadgerHawk:
Originally posted by NinerBuff:
  1. Keep Kaep in the pocket, close down the running lanes and stop him from escaping on 3rd down.
  2. Stop Frank Gore / Hunter / LMJ
  3. Play man-to-man against Boldin and Davis and hope that pressure up front can get to Kaep quickly.

I don't know if they would make those same mistakes. I case you didn't notice that drive was VERY successful until the last four downs. They socre on that drive and that is considered the greatest comeback in Super Bowl history.

well, it WOULD have been, instead, we're just the first losers. And considering that the Ravens defense wasn't 'supposed to be' as good as ours, they had no trouble scoring on us.

But statistically, it was one of the most impressive SBs ever. QB has 300yds 1 TD 60yds rushing 1 TD, Gore 100+ yds, Crabs and VD 100+ yds... and the only thing that matters is they couldn't convert at the very end.

But the point is, to stop our team... you have to stop the running attack. We are a great running team (RBs, QB, TEs, WR) and an above average passing team.
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