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could Vernon help fill the shoes of Crabtree??

Originally posted by NinerG94:
He has to. He absolutely must be better than last season and I believe he will. I've been saying this since Crabtree got injured. Its going to be more important for our TE's to pick up more of the slack than it will be for whomever fills Crabtree's spot at WR. I think our two TE set is going to be very hard for defenses to defend because you know our run game will keep them honest.

I guess being double and triple teamed every play counts for nothing?
we will still be a power running offense, but we will need to spread the ball around to multiple receivers to off set the loss of our #1 WR ... Gore , Boldin and Davis will without a doubt be our 3 main options ...but we need Jenkins and Patton and McDonald to contribute early , and if Williams and Manningham come back healthy , we will have an effective passing attack to go along with our power rushing attack
The way I look at it, VD is our #1 receiver. He'll be double teamed in every game and sometimes triple teamed.

That means Boldin will replace Crabs [better IMO] - so we're kind of like last season and need a difference maker.

AND we'll need at least one other receiver to be a real threat to take the heat off VD - not just a guy who can make a catch or 2 but a threat to take it all the way.

I don't know who that is yet.
once he figures out zone coverages yes.
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