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Welcome to the 49ers Coaching Staff Ronald Curry

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What? Who is this guy?

Hes the New Offensive Assistant for the Niners

Kind of showed up from nowhere. Do you know anything about his credentials?

Not that this has anything to do with his coaching ability, he is from my home state of VA. I remember when he was coming out of high school, he was known as one of the most electrifying players to come out in some time. His high school knocked mine out of the state semi-finals as a matter of fact. It's kind of cool seeing a guy that I've followed in a round a bout way for a long time coming to the niners in some capacity.
Curry was a boss on the Raiders

I will say this. my brother went to school with him in Hampton Virginia. this guy was the best quarterback in the history Virginia high school football. His senior year he was the nations top football player voted by parade magazine and also the number one basketball player. He played in the McDonalds all american game and won mvp honors as well as slam dunk champ. He originally committed to UVA (which had me pissed bc I am a tarheel fan so I wanted him to go to Unc. Lol I asked him one day when he came to my job to eat at piccadilly in the Coliseum mall to go to UNC. He kind of said maybe with a smile and took his food went to sit and eat. A couple days later he disregarded the commit to UVA pissing off everybody from VA Beach to Charlottesville except me. I was happy as hell. He played against Michael Vick and killed Mr Vick's team on a regular basis. 5 straight state champs and four were bc of him. When he went to college he played both sports again as well as did JuliusPeppers. Rons college footballl career was plaguec with injuries but he was still able to break a few school records. From that point he went to the Raiders and that was when he was switched to receiver. He actually played opposite of my friend from here in Orlando named Doug Gabriel. Crazy huh. A guy my bro went to school with and a guy I go to school with ending up on the same draft class on the same team from two totally different states. He was def the best receiver they had at the time. I bet he could still play now and kill it with the Niners. He certainly knows the game and deserves this chance. Hope that helps a little.
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Thanks for the info Golddiggin.

We hired WR Bobby Engram before 2011 as an offensive assistant and he left in 2012 to be WR coach for the Pitt Panthers who are coached by Geep Chyst's brother Paul. Wouldn't be surprised if Geep told Paul about him. Also, had Ejiro Evero the past few years as an offensive assistant. Wondering who took on Egram's job last year? Maybe Evero or Paul Wulff (Senior Offensive Assistant) took on Engram's duties along with their own and they felt it was too much and decided to hire Curry to split up duties again.
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affirmative action hire

Thanks Obama

Just boneheaded!! Now we know where you stand.
I wonder if his previous name was Nolan Has a Plan!

Another Pupil for our Jedi Knight School, Obi Wan Harbaugh has another OC for the future to groom for us, or another team .....but otherwise ..Welcome to the 49ers R.C
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