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Im sick to my stomach over this so i figured a thread highlighting some of the standout players from the game would help

Gore - What can i say that hasnt been discussed already. When he is getting the ball good things happen for us. Been that way since 2005

DWalk - really poor season as a pass catcher but he def showed today what he was made of. Big catch, huge block and absolutely destroyed JJones on that KR

Ray Mac - Really like his motor today. Seemed to be getting good push consistently from that right side. Brooks didnt seem to compliment well but ill have to check the tape. (No Sing lol)

Crabs - The guy is money. I was really worried about him developing but i love what i see on the field

Vernon - Always makes his presence felt in the big games. Deep pass just out of his range but we still got into the RZ that drive

Kaep - Tough. Tough. TOUGH! We could have easily packed it in but the kid has it and he will be the next great 49er QB
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Agree with all. Add Bowman to that list. The kid is a beast.
Joe Staley- playeds Suggs very well
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