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deep threat

Listen this isn't hard to figure out. We need a burner that can catch. I don't know what aj jenkins problem is. We could of really used him today. We dont scare people down field. Randy moss ain't hacken it vd finds holes in zones but he's never behind the defense. When was the last time we had someone behind the defense. It always takes a broken tackle. When was the last time we had a wideout just whip their man and get a 70 or 80 yard td. Defenses don't fear us. We need someone to take the top off!! We need a deep threat!!
Yes we do and an end zone threat so we can score from the 5 yard line
I agree, along with a tall pass catching TE
Too bad Ted Ginn is such an unpolished receiver. Dude has the speed, but his route running and hands are suspect.
Originally posted by SoCal9er:
Too bad Ted Ginn is such an unpolished receiver. Dude has the speed, but his route running and hands are suspect.

Ginn couldn't make a play on that ball that came at him. He was in the endzone, but it got knocked out of the way by a Ravens player who should have been ejected for shoving a referee.
Having a deep threat receiver is always nice, but it's not a reason why we lost. We were able to move the ball pretty well.
If anything, we need a big-bodied, physical red-zone threat. We need someone to make catches like Anquan Boldin was able to make.

But let's hammer it in while we're on this discussion. The WR position isn't the reason why we lost. Offensively, we committed two crucial turnovers against a good team, and had questionable playcalling in the end sequence. On defense, we gave up a huge passing play to Jacoby Jones, had minimal pass-rush, and couldn't cover Anquan Boldin. On special teams, we gave up a huge touchdown to Jacoby Jones on the second half's opening kickoff.

If we didn't make any of the above mistakes, we probably could've won.
we do need someone who can stretch it vertically
kaerpnick has the arm to get the ball deep but he needs to work on putting a little more air under the really deep passes to give the receiver a better chance--the long pass off davis fingertips shpwed great arm but was a bit out of reach
WR wasn't the sole reason we lost - BUT it was part of it.

We need a BIG, fast WR who's a RZ threat - among other things.

BTW, IMO - the KO return was the backbreaker.
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