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Official Alex Smith's Final 49er Drive Thread

Fare winds and following seeds!
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What if Kaep gets hurt in the playoffs?

Big ovation for Alex Smith as he walks off field.
Originally posted by verb1der:

Fitting that his last pass was to #49. No matter where he goes Alex will always be a 49er to me.
Originally posted by LambdaChi49:
Big ovation for Alex Smith as he walks off field.

Very nice pic. You're the ma , Alex. Class act.
Really classy by the fans. Like him or hate him he gave it his all for us. Unless we have a blowout or injury in the playoffs he won't step foot on the field so this was a nice send off. If he takes a major cut I'd gladly take him as a backup but he can probably go and start somewhere. Anyways, the "alex" chant was really nice. I believe there was something like a "we love alex" chant as well. I hope there is a video up with the fans reaction as he walks off the field.
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