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If Cowboy is out perhaps slide Sopoaga to 3-4 DE??

I have heard rumblings that RJF could be used at NT next year if Sopoaga is not resigned as an UFA. Sopoaga played 3-4 DE before and was a surprise at NT. RJF and an activated Ian Williams can rotate at NT (to keep them fresh) for the Seattle and AZ game.

LDE- Ray McDonald- back up Tukuafu

NT RJF back up Ian Williams (this will be a good evaluation of how this two can hold up in game situations. If they fail, NT becomes a top priority for draft and FA.

RDE Isaac Sopoaga back up Tukuafu

With Dobbs injured and Cowboy injured the FO might have to use one of the open roster spots for a street FA NT or DE??
No, don't trade him to the Dallas Cowboys!
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