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How Many Sacks will our Oline Give up in Detroit, and How Many Yards Rushing and Passing?

Well we will see if we get any improvement along the line. I hope Staley is able to play well on his end and I hope Iupati and Boone and Davis get some serious blocking in. It would be great to see the Oline meld well and really develop into a good line.

1 sack

200 yards rushing

280 passing yards and 3 TDs.

35 - 24 49ers win.
Our OLine will hold up very well. Look for Staley to have a hell of a game.

2 Sacks

Lions will get 32 yards rushing, 125 passing yards - Brooks will be the sack leader this game with 3.

We'll get 2 rushing TD's and 3 passing.

2 TD for Moss, 1 TD for VD

Delaine Walker will also have an excellent game.
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Remember the first play last year... Strip sack... Fumble... I hope we don't start that way this time...

yeah well I get nervous every time we drop back to pass because of our O-Line in pass protection, so it probably will.
the o line worries me , ok, staley had a busted nose so i give him a break. I am still very worried about this area in regards to pass protection

same. I won't be comfortable for a while.
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