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Practice Squad for A.J.?

Haaa, haaa, haaaa, you HAVE got to be kidding, are you? My god and it's not even still off season, it's starting up wot a post grade: F
What a stupid title. Do me a favor and go learn rules about football before starting threads.

The link is also from yahoo contributor network where my 80 year old aunt can write about the 49ers.
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  • Posts: 6,439 where in that article does it mention the words practice squad.............

Yes Jenkins is going to be inactive for most if not all of the games this year, same with LaMichael James, it is the same principle that Harbaugh brought up when talking about bringing Aldon along slowly.

First you introduce them to the system and slowly teach them concept by concept until they are fully versed in the scheme. Harbaugh has no reason to throw Jenkins into the fire with 5 skilled receivers in front of him.
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Derp da derp de derp derp.
Originally posted by Wodwo:
Derp da derp de derp derp.

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I'm calling the cops
you guys are funny!

my heading is supposed to cause a stir. its purpose is to be provocative and it has obviously worked. my advice to you; chill the f**k out! i know the rules, probably better than you!

it's early in the season, but this story is still noteworthy in my opinion.

read the article, add a comment if you feel compelled and have a nice day!
Can't fix stupid... But we can lock threads right?
Misleading thread title.......

LOL! 31 other teams especially the rams would hope he goes to the ps
Learn the practice squad rules. Thread topic illogical.
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