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How will the Niners win at GB in game one?

I see us having to score more points then them. That's the only way I believe we can get the W.
We'll run about 20 of our 65 offensive plays that are not on film. We've got new tools and more speed in our skill positions on offense, a desire and now people to stretch the field more often, an entire off season to install the rest of the playbook, a coaching staff that excells in getting a team up to speed and in top condition early, and a philosophy of focusing on the next (real) game, and that's GB. GB?, they've got nothing new.
Th 9ers will win. Book it!!

Ball control: While I do think JH & Co. will be much more lethal this season on offense and open the playbook up I don't suspect it'll happen game one. GB is gonna get a pissed off 9ers squad with a whole lot to prove. GB still has a serious problem with the run. Gore, Hunter, Jacobs, and James are going to run wild. I predict we get over 200 yards rushing.

Defense: To date Aaron Rogers & Co still hasn't seen a D as good as ours. We routinely transitioned well from our base 3-4 to nickle making our nickle D the best in the league. Teams just couldn't force our base personnel off the field to to force mismatches until we were ready. And given that GB will pose no threat to us on the ground our top nickle D will get a good look at their best shots.

Options & weapons at key positions: The 9ers WRs and RBs are going to do real damage to NFL defenses this season. Serious deep threats (Moss, A.J, and Williams), intermediate/possession receivers (Manningham, Davis, and Crabs), and power (Jacobs), speed (James & Hunter), and the workhorse (The Inconvenient Truth), one of each on the field at the same time, not to mention with perhaps the best FB in the game.

I'm not suggesting that it'll be a cake walk. Far form it. But it will be a statement game. Now I know I'm biased, but I predict us to win 20-12. I think our top red-zone D will frustrate Rogers and force them into field goals all game.
going to be tough for the defense right out the gates especially with that passing attack
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Run it down their throats.



everyone thinks we're turning into a spread team which is bs, we're just improving our roster. GB is still a s**t defense that cant stop the run or the pass, maintaining long methodical drives is key.
Asking the wrong question here. How can we beat GB? No, how can GB beat us? Yes, they scored a pile of points last year, but never saw a D like ours. We won 13 games with NO redzone offense aside from Akers. Our 3rd downs were awful. With the players we added, both of those are going to get better. That, a real offseason, gameplan etc.... We are going to score points (no alex comments) For the first time since Ive been following football a team has its entire starting D back, really, in the FA period, does that ever happen? Our D is better than Rodgers and Co. They have zero running attack. Our running game is excellent, our passing game is better than it was, our special teams are better. IMO, its either all D or all passing in week one, I think we have the advantage.

We pound the running game, make them commit Woodson to run support and then air it out. They take shots, the Smiths destroy Aaron, they cant run.

Really, how to they beat us?
IIRC the last time we played GB the game was pretty close at halftime and that was with Singletary as coach. That being said Packers are gonna get scraped and Based God is gonna f**k Aaron Rodgers's b***h after the game
Pass rush. Pass rush. Pass rush.

Against a good pass rush, Rodgers looks much more pedestrian (i.e., against Kansas City and against NY Giants in the post-season).

Between Aldon, Ahmad, Justin Smith, and company, I think we might be able to get enough pressure on him to make look like an average quarterback. It's amazing how bad a quarterback can look when you make him eat grass all game long.

Other than that, a turnover or two won't hurt; and if our offense can be safe with the ball, there's no reason why our very talented team can't walk out of Lambeau with a win to start the season.
The offense will be planning a little for GB and I expect them to neutralize the GB D with great blocking schemes, moving the ball outside and perhaps using some QB runs planned into the mix. Matthews will be an important key and I expect the 9er linemen to rise to the occasion. It would be so great if this line can protect Smith this year!
Can someone summarize GB's offseason player acquisitions/losses?

Feel free to summarize it as improvements/weaknesses compared to last year.

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I think a big first impression is key. If we win the toss, choose to return it and march down the field utilizing the run game, play action passes, and a deep shot to Moss or Vernon Davis, score a TD on the first drive and set the tone for the game and the season. If they win the toss, they will almost certainly want to score first so they accept to return, and we need to shut them down, an exotic blitz on first down, Green Bay likes to pass, pressure Rodgers from the first play, try and cause a turnover, or hold them to a 3 and out.

I wouldn't be surprised if we won the toss and deferred. It seems like Harbaugh to say, "Let me show you what our strength can do to your strength. It's gonna be a long day, ladies."
But I believe Harbaugh thinks the offense can be just as much of a strength. I think a quick 7 points on them shows them we mean business. But then again we are so good on defense that if we did defer, we can stop them quite quickly and get the ball back to the offense.

All I am saying, is that scoring against that defense doesn't say as much as stopping their offense, especially if they are stopped with abrupt violence nad ball-hawking. Everyone assumes that they will be attacked at their weakness, but watching your strength get dominated can be demoralizing.

I'm not in HArbaugh's head or anything, and I could definitely see it going either way.
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If Alex can throw for more than 300 yds, we'll win
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If Alex can throw for more than 300 yds, we'll win

I don't think we've ever won when Alex yhrows for more than 300 yards lol.
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Originally posted by fly15:
If Alex can throw for more than 300 yds, we'll win

I don't think we've ever won when Alex yhrows for more than 300 yards lol.

I think we should score more points than the other team
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