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What's Your Confidence Level in Colin Kaepernick?

What's Your Confidence Level in Colin Kaepernick?

Originally posted by nickbradley:

OMG!!!! screw Alex and Manning!
Originally posted by BayArea:
I graduated college at UNR the same year that CK7 was drafted to the 49ers. I saw about 75% of UNR's home games and also was at the Kraft Bowl which UNR won. This kid is a stud!! His raw athletic skills are insane. He is so fast for a QB you wouldn't believe it. Kid has the physical attributes to be a wide receiver and don't get me started on his arm. He has nothing short of a cannon his throws have heat on them and he can throw WAY deep. He reminds me a lot of RG3 in that he is athletic as all hell. His issues are he needs to learn to control that raw throwing power because sometimes he puts so much heat on his deep throws he overthrows his receivers. He needs to get used to reading NFL defenses as well, and get out of that mindset he is in from that UNR pistol offense.

Now... what do I think of him? I think with Harbaugh as his mentor this kid will be in the hall of fame some day. I think he will be top tier NFL star QB. He will be up their alongside all those QB's that are leading the league. He will be spoken in the same breathe as Aaron Rodgers, Drew Brees, the Mannings, and Brady. I honestly believe this. Add to it that Jim is top notch at spotting QB talent and molding them into something great. He did after all pickup Andrew Luck, and could see RG3's talent enough to go after him as well. There is a reason Jim traded up to get this guy.

This kid will break out like a freight train once Jim has him ready.

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Originally posted by Jesu80ncleats:
Originally posted by nickbradley:

OMG!!!! screw Alex and Manning!

Sarcasm detected
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I hope Harbaugh has some confidence in him, cause the 49ers might have screwed themselves with this Manning spectacle. With Alex Smith all butt hurt about the Niners wanting to sign Manning (and rightfully so IMO) he more than likely will not re-sign. And I really don't see Manning signing with a team in the NFC, with his lil brother playing for NYG........I hope they have a couple different back-up plans.
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I woke up to my timeline blowing up lol did I miss something?
Well JJ has started 4 games last year......Kaepernick 0.
His numbers in those games are not enough to warrant him starting those 4 games as a positive. His stock would be higher if he(JJ) didn't play at all last year.
Kaep may have been a stud in college, but so what? He also MAY develop into a top notch pro, but what have we really seen, so far, to support that? Really, nothing. In fact, from just the little we've seen of him at all, and the little Tolzien showed in San Diego, Tolzien seemed to be a tad more NFL ready that Kaepernick. Granted, that's no guarantee of future progress, but it's a bit early to be annointing him as the second coming. I think either one of them, with the proper coaching, has good potential, but as we've experienced before, potential is just a word. Right now, I have guarded optimism.
We wont win the NFC West with Kaepernick.
Originally posted by smithgdwg:
We wont win the NFC West with Kaepernick.

But we won it with Bust Alex Smith... Hmmm...
I think we'll roll the dice with Kaep but that he'll struggle.

I think harbaugh and Trent ballke are brilliant! I think they went after manning as a way to push Alex out knowing that if they don't get PM that CK is ready! And if they do get Peyton that's an added bonus for CK to sit and learn from one of the greatest! It's genius and and think we should just sit back and enjoy watching this front office and staff build this dynasty! I'm enjoying all this!!!!!!
i actually have a lot of confidence in CK....i thought he looks fantastic in the few snaps that he got and showed some talent that it took alex smith years to show
if we don't sign manning,we are screwed!!
Originally posted by smithgdwg:
We wont win the NFC West with Kaepernick.

How do you know that? Top 5 defense, Top 5 special teams. Kap has weapons and Jim Harbaugh. Not only that, the 49ers
have the best roster in the NFC West at the moment and likely to get better after the Draft.

What's your argument other than Kap is a rookie? Any facts to back your statement? I didn't think so.
Originally posted by cciowa:
Originally posted by nickbradley:
So if the unthinkable happens -- Peyton Manning signs with the Titans and Alex Smith bolts for Miami -- 95% chance that Colin Kaepernick is our 2012 starter. What's your confidence level in the young man? With Harbaugh's run-oriented, low-mistake offensive scheme, I think that Kaep will put up decent numbers and approach what Smith did last year, with a few more INTs I assume.

So if this "worst-case scenario" does happen, I see one of two scenarios playing out:

1. Sign Matt Hasselbeck and hold an open competition for the QB job in camp
2. Sign David Gerrard or Donovan McNabb to backup QB contracts and hand the job to Kaepernick.
about as good as my confidence in the head coach and front office right now for screwing up something that was not broken in the first place,,, by the way,, its not very high

Yeah, because last season they really proved they don't know what they're doing.

Harbaugh is god to people on here - unless he doesn't keep Alex Smith. Then, all-of-a-sudden, he and Baalke don't know what they're doing.
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