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Peyton Manning?

What would you say about Peyton Manning to the 49ers next season? Alex Smith definitely deserves another season, but I believe Manning still has 2-3 good years left in him. Peyton > Alex, even though I'm a Smith fan. Imagine Manning with the top D, Vernon, and that young WR corp.

Don't forget Kaepernick is on the bench to learn from Manning for a few seasons, and in case Manning goes down due to injury.

I'd go a long the lines of trading Frank Gore and a 1st round pick (very late pick this year). Peyton will most likely require more than that, but as much as I love Gore, his body is giving out on him. Ready to see Kendall Hunter and Anothny Dixon step up. Plus, this team would turn into pass first if Peyton was acquired.

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and stfu. Alex is our QB like it or not.
Peyton or break the bank for Brees. That would be awesome with this defense.
cant be serious

with our o line his injuries and our WR?

he isnt mobile enough t extend the play
screw peyton lets get ELI Manning
Who catches passes from him at WR, pray tell?
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