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my first 49ers game this sunday Vs. Rams!!! anyone going to the game?

I wouldn't even call myself seriously die-hard compared with other UK fans I know (none of the 9ers though). There is a very long tradition of NFL love in this country, and in fact across Europe (I'm not British born originally). Personally, I've been following the Niners since SB XXIII and lived in the US (on the other side of the country though) in the early 90s including the last SB season. These things tend to make you stick around.

These days I can travel more easily, and it does help that SF is one of the most beautiful cities in the world so I can also have a nice holiday. I've been doing this for quite a few years now, usually combining an away with a home game on back-to-back weeks. E.g. last year it was @SEA then home to the Aints (both losses ), the year before two home games (W vs the Lambs, then that atrocious loss to ATL), the year before that two more losses @NYG and then home to SEA (the pants-down game). Last year of course we also had the "home" win vs Denver at Wembley which was only a Tube ride away for me . So, I've passed the "sticking through the sucking" stage of my fandom with flying colours, I believe. I'm ready for some winning again
Im heading to the game as well and not familiar with St louis... Im staying downtown close to the stadium so does anyone know any good spots to go tailgate or bars to hang out at close to the stadium befofe the game?
Anyone know any good places to hang out near the stadium before the game, tailgate spots or bars?
I was thinking about it but I will be too hungover to attend a game live.
I'll be there. Coming from North Carolina. I'll be in Section 139, Row M. My wife & I will be at McGurk's on Russell Blvd to celebrate New Year's. I hope to see you all there. Go Niners!

49ers Fan in NC
I'll be at the game this weekend. I'm suppose to meet up with someone where the niners get on the buses after the game. Does anyone know that location? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
I'm going and tailgating. Not sure exactly where to tailgate but it looks like north of the stadium. There will be a group of us and anyone's welcome.
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