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Eddie George "The lock of the year, the Seahawks over the 49ers"

He has 2 first names
I'm a bit worried about a letdown and not enough time between games.
All I know is with everything on the line, championship teams win this game. This will let us know where we really stand. If we can win this game I will have confidence that we are at least talking NFC Championship game.
Originally posted by global_nomad:
Ya his rational was because they have won 5 out of 6. Well who did they play during that span? They beat Baltimore who laid an egg in both West Coast games they have played this year.

The beat STL, Chi w/o Cuter, Philly who played bad on the West Coast, and they lost to Washington at home. I think we'll do fine.

Just sayin'...this is exactly the kind of post that gets our eyes rolling when it's said about the niners. All the bad teams are taken for granted, and all the good wins are rationalized and not credited. Only the losses are indicative of anything.

Credit's due where it's due. Seattle has really turned a corner, pretty amazing considering their start.
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Yeah Eddie, if you are so sure go to Vegas and bet the ranch, you probably learned your lessons and never bet, right Eddie?
Originally posted by truekingcarlos:
I'm a bit worried about a letdown and not enough time between games.

We have been screwed by the schedule multiple times this year
Lock of the year? I always liked and respected Eddie George, but he must have suffered one too many concussions in his career . Seattle is always a tough game for the 49ers, but a Lock--I don't think so.
Looks like his concussions are still effecting his noodle
What a nut job ...

nobody cares about u eddie since u retired, your wife is actually more relevant having been on the show survivor couple years back
aww man, i used to like eddie george haha
this is a scary game to me bc the seahawks have been playing well, but did he not see us completely dominate the steelers last week???
Who's Eddie George?
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Originally posted by blizzuntz:
He has 2 first names
ricky bobby
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