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It's official 49ers have the worst red zone offense in the league

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did we really need it to be "official" if you've watched all the games this season you don't need it to be "official" everybody on this board knows this
Originally posted by ak49:
Its a combination of a bunch of things
1. playcalling is horrendous - seriously why would you only bunch up in the redzone. what about being creative, spreading it out (if bunching is not working), qb or rb runs on a spread offense, etc, etc, - heck just copy what other teams are doing
2. a.smith has been inaccurate
3. not getting a sense of urgency or improving - the niners are sitting on the laurels of their 10 win season

To play devils advocate and assume everything you say is correct number 1 conflicts with number 2 of your points. If Smith has been inaccurate then why would the coaching staff want to spread out the offense and place the decision making and execution of the plays directly on Smith's shoulders? It is what it is. Smith has some short comings and so does the o line at times. Gore seems to have slowed a step or two lately. It's a collective effort in why they are having trouble scoring TDs.

I do feel the problem isn't with the WR's. Ginn, Williams, Walker and Peele have done a decent job stepping in for injured WR's all year. Losing Morgan and the injuries of Edwards have hurt more than the stats actually show.
Originally posted by valrod33:
Dropping Balls, thats what he has been doing

Thanks only Delanie, but the other guys too. Are our other receivers getting a case of the "Braylon Edwards Butterfingers?" hehe
On madden 12 online when im in a critical situation on 3rd or 4th i go to Vernon Davis no matter what.. its like cheating. Maybe we should try in Real life ; )
Originally posted by ponyboy49:
the worse part is, we had one the best redzone offense with jimmy raye/mike johnson...

Because we were never in the red zone!!
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The silver lining is... we get a good number of red zone opportunities.

So, when this issue is eventually corrected we could easily be the class of the NFL.
Originally posted by okdkid:
The silver lining is... we get a good number of red zone opportunities.

So, when this issue is eventually corrected we could easily be the class of the NFL.

There has been a great improvement in this area. They do move the ball.
Hopefully Harbaugh has some trick to light a fire under these guys. They drive down the field pretty easily sometimes and then they call the most ridiculous plays on 1st and 2nd down, almost as if they want to leave it up to 3rd down or field goal . I have a few ideas for the offense when we get down in the redzone:
1. Never throw it to Ted Ginn (he's great on special teams and he is good at stretching the field...sometimes)
2. Look to your playmakers when you get down there...Vernon, Crabtree, even Walker and Williams... also don't know why we have stopped throwing screens to Gore or Kendall.
3. Alex should be allowed to run. I don't know if they tell him not to or if he doesn't like the way it looks but when you have 7 free yeards in front of you, just take it.
4. Sometimes I think we should go no huddle or something and have all 3 plays ready in advance. Try and keep the same defensive personel on the field to create the mismatches that we want.

It feels like Harbaugh and Roman call great plays to get down to the redzone but then they get so worried that Alex is going to throw a pick, that they call some pretty vanilla plays and are satisfied with having 3 points instead of a turnover. Don't get me wrong, because i'm ok with field goals over picks, just not field goals on every single drive.
This is getting frustrating to see them struggle down there. This has been going on for the last 3 or 4 ballgames now, its time for the coaches to fix this and stop being too cute! Maybe they need to stay with the Big Personnel when they're down there, but with players that are versatile and that can catch when a pass play is called. The line seems to falter in protection down there as well, which negates anything the offense wants to do.

Please fix this and fix it now!!!!!
i wanna see some play action roll outs, like the play VD scored a td against jacksonville in sf 2 years ago

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Originally posted by 49ersswagger:
Why wont we throw the ball to Vernon Davis? two years ago he had 13 TD's tied gates for most TD's by a TE in NFL history a record recently broken by patriots TE we are having problems scoring in the red zone only 3 TD's in last 20 trips inside to redzone vernon davis had 1 reception for 32 yrds vs cardinals he is clearly our best reciever so why wont we use him

sydney mayhew?
Terrible play calling
Originally posted by valrod33:
Its the playcalling. Harbaugh is getting to cute down there. Call plays that go for the endzone and dont take Crabtree out in the Redzone he is our best WR

Scared QB = s**tty red zone offense
Originally posted by susweel:
Scared QB = s**tty red zone offense

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