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Warning Level due to "Alex Lovers"


I got a "Warning" because I said, "Alex Lovers" HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

What a freakin joke this message board is. SPOSs coddling poor little Alex.

Hey message board moderator. Get a flippin life you sorry ass sad sap Alex lovin jerk off!

Steve Young is laughin' his ass off right about now! He sure doesn't coddle that sorry ass wantabe a NFL QB.
lol haha

the banhammer is about to come down
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Noobs being noobs.

If you said that then you shouldnt of been warned, but if said more, I can see it.

I agree the forums is too strict, but what ya gonna do.
Brool story co
alex boone?
LOL. Brilliant thread!!!! Hope you enjoyed your time on WZ.
Is peanuts in the mouth better than 2 fingers in the bush?

Young would play beat up as hell and pass for 350 and 4 TDs. Montana would play with broken fingers and drive teams to last second TDs in playoff games. Tony
Romo drives his team to 4th Qtr wins with broken ribs and punctured lungs.

Alex Smith rolls up into the fetal position at the first sign of pressure.

Originally posted by jimmy49erfan:
Is peanuts in the mouth better than 2 fingers in the bush?

Bush? George Dubba?

Im confused,
Originally posted by unst4bl3:

He banned.
an Alex Smith Thread? Really?!?

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