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Me, Matty Macchio , and Anthony Dixon are gonna celebrate the playoff run danceoff like this;

I think we can take the Bears.

Cutler throws picks, occasionally gets a deep one in, but their defense is good.

Hester though, gives them tons of yards and opportunities. Kick away from that guy.

My niners are playing possum. They just want to be under the radar.

Westbrook runs for 200 yards in the snow
So that is what they have been doing all season long by sucking complete ass.

Originally posted by backontop:
So that is what they have been doing all season long by sucking complete ass.

yea man.

Death Blossum will be unleashed at the right time.

WTF did I miss something?
Originally posted by LambdaChi49:
WTF did I miss something?

yes apparently a lot of alcohol.

So this thread is assuming that not only do we get in, but we make it past the first round? The only way we play the division winning bears is in the 2nd or 3rd round.
Smith's pass to Crabtree--great pass and catch-- game winner with 44 seconds left!! ---bring on the Falcons--can't wait for the NFC title game---Go Niners!!!
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So whos making the Superbowl thread?
we would play a Wild Card team like the Saints, Packers, or Giants.

If we win the division, we host a playoff game. the Bears are going to win their division, so they would host as well.

my guess is the Falcons and Eagles will get the first round bye, and the Bears/NFC West div. winner will each host a WC team, probably Saints and Packers. so wed play the Saints if we happen to make it.
49ers beat the patriots in the super bowl by over 9000
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