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Realistic Expectations for Alex Smith: Phil Simms

Realistic Expectations for Alex Smith: Phil Simms

I believe, with what Alex is showing right now, he will be, most likely, a "quality, career" starter (could be better). By "Quality, Career" starter, I think of somebody like Phil Simms:

A career QB rating of about 80, a 4:3 TD-INT ratio, 7 yards per attempt; played with stellar defenses and a solid running game.

There are a lot of career parallels between the two as well:

1. Both were high draft picks
2. Both came on under the old regime (Perkins/Nolan)
3. Both struggled on so-so teams
4. Both injured, booed, and benched in their first 4 seasons
5. Both missed their 4th seasons with major injuries
5. Both excelled under dymanic assistants that took over (Parcells/Singletary)
6*. Both Exploded in 5th season -- Simms threw for 4000 yards, 22 TDs and 18 INTs in '84, followed by a stellar '85 season.

What are your thoughts?
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