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Will we run the spread offense against Jacksonville?

Will we run the spread offense against Jacksonville?

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Now everyone has their oppinions on whether we should or not, but what will we actually do?
We will put up a lot of points if we do!!!!!! Craps gets his first of many 100 yard games...
No. Going back to the ballet offense - one, two, three and kick!

and I have been bashed in the gameday threads for saying we will lose.

We WONT beat the Jags
That would be just silly
When we get down by 28 points in the first half we will come out and run it in the 2nd half. But it will be too late by then.
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Originally posted by PatrickJira411:
That would be just silly

That's exactly what they expect them to do and it's what the team does best why do that?
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We should, but I don't think we will. Anyway, I think the problem is that we aren't even calling the right plays out of the regular offense, so it makes it look even worse. Raye seems clueless. Just because we're running from our regular offense, doesn't doesn't mean we should only do two things: run Gore up the gut or fire 5-yard passes to Vernon Davis. I'd like to see a bit more aggressiveness and creativity out of our normal offense. I'd be happy if I see that against Jacksonville, even if we don't come out using a spread offense.
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