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waiting to click

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the first 2 games we looked like a up and coming team who won with defense but just needed the offense to put teams away. The Viking game it looked like it was starting to come together until the Farve miracle. Then a blow out vs Stl Then blown out by Atl ok heads are in the clouds. Crabtree signs Alex takes over and almost over takes the Texans. It looks like the beginning of something promising. Another loss to Indy but we play them close very close. Next a loss to Tennesse that was a lot closer than it looked by the final score ok they got rejuvinate by Vince and CJ. Another close game to beat the bears and then this almost comeback to beat the Packers. It seems like we cant get the offense and defense to play at the highest levels at the same time. This team is close to turning around and every week I think this is the breakout week and every week I am disappointed. We have a very winable schedule left but if we cant get it to click we are out of the playoffs if we lose to the Jags.
The only thing I see clicking is my TV set off after the 49ers lose.
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