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Great game

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What game were you watching. This game was pathetic. I really do like Coach Sing but im afraid if we dont stop playing to lose and running that basic ass offence we used in the first half then we will continue to be a bad team. I wonder why we always wait to open up our Offence till were down by 20. I know because of bad coaching and im starting to think its not going to chance. Anyone that thinks this was a good game must have been thought we were the team in the green jerseys. Its time for the Owner of this team to Call Holmgren and beg him to come and help this frachise return to where we should be. These losses keep getting harder to watch because you can tell were better than what were showing out there. I guess were stuck looking forward to the draft again what fun

I watched the whole game, I had faith the 49ers would come back and they did, and I had faith they'd pull off the win and they didn't. The game wasn't over until the last 2 minutes, and that means it's a close game. A few different bounces and we win. We lost, yeah, and that sucks, but it was a good game.

30-10 in the 4th quarter think what you want it was a horrible game. The players have to feel the same. We could of won that game if we would have went in with the right game plan. I will never say a loss is a great game. When our coaching staff comes out with a game plan to suit our players i will call it a great game. I cant understand how anyone enjoyed that game. Yea it was nice to see us score points at the end but your not going to win games being down by 20 at halftime.
coaching will get better!
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We're in 1st place with moral victories

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There is no such thing as a easy game for the niners
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